Smart Clothes

In the beginning, clothes were either used to show social status or to survive the extreme weather, and that lasted for thousands of years. To be more exact, only recent inventions have allowed us to incorporate technology into our clothes. The best part about this is that soon enough we will get to see plenty of other inventions in the things we wear every day and at the same time they will also look pretty fashionable.

1. Heated Gloves

Having to deal with harsh winters is terrible because your hands stay cold almost all the time and up to very recently we had to use regular gloves to at least keep our hands a bit warmer. However, the invention of heated gloves made everything better for people living in countries where it is cold. With the help of batteries, they can last for hours on end, and they will keep your entire palm warm, and they don’t look any different than any regular gloves.

2. Heated Scarves

Another vital part of our body that continually gets cold is the neck, while the regular scarves might do the trick, sometimes it’s that cold that we need an upgrade. There are different heating methods that can heat a scarf. The first one is with batteries, and just like the heated gloves, it’s very efficient. The second one is by heating it in a microwave for only a couple of minutes, and then you are good to go. The third option is very interesting since all you have to do is to shake off the pouch, that will immediately start a chemical reaction that will cause the surrounding area to warm.

3. Smartwatches

For centuries we have kept watches with us so that they will help us to know what time it is, and that was their only function, up until the invention of smartphones. At a certain point, smartphones nearly rendered watches useless, or they were kept only for aesthetic purposes. However, with the invention of smartwatches, people have started to buy them in droves since they can be compatible with our smartphones. You can synchronize it with your smartphone, and all the essential notifications that come in your smartphone will also come to your smartwatch. The best part of the smartwatches is that they can also be powered by the sun.

4. Solar Watches

If you’re not a fan of digital watches and would rather prefer analog watches, it’s understandable that you will not want to have a smartwatch. For that reason, solar watches will do the trick just fine since they will not need to be charged for up to 6 months. While smartwatches may offer more features, solar watches will give you a more classy look, and you do not have to spend money on batteries at all.

Talking about the importance of clothes, we have to understand that there are many industries directly connected. Fashion, technology, sports, movies, and many other industries are directly tied to how the clothing industry develops. Fashion and technology are becoming interlinked, and there are many products out there that we already have on the market, and in the near future, we will be witnessing other products that might be life-changing. In team sports, the importance of the colors of the uniforms is always important. After all, there are millions and millions of fans buying new jerseys of their favorite NBA or NFL players. Every famous team sports team change their jerseys yearly, and that is to profit more because fans will want to buy everything new. Famous athletes get tens of million-dollar deals to sign with brands like Nike or Adidas because they know how many shoes, shirts, hoodies, jerseys, etc. they will sell if a famous athlete will sign with their company. According to Forbes, Michael Jordan was worth more than a billion dollars, and most of that money is earned through the contract that he has with Nike. It’s worth noting that the revenue per year, that Nike makes off the Jordan brand is $2 billion.


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