History of Clothing And Fashion

History of Clothing

You see them everywhere, when you are walking down the street or when you go to a shopping mall, clothes are an intricate part of our lives. We put a lot of care and thought in what we wear every day, from our shoes down to the hats; they are almost inseparable from us. From the moment we wake up, and until we take a shower, we have them on our bodies. Nowadays, it is reasonable to see a mixture of every kind of style, and almost every person has their style with which they want to make a statement about their character or their personality.

Humans and clothes have a long history, thousands of years to be more exact, where the extreme weather conditions have forced humans to create clothes from different materials. The evidence that the archeologists have found from the figurines dating back thousands of years have shown that humans back then had hats, belts, and cloth that they wrapped around their breast. With the advancement of humans, in general, they started to see clothes differently, since they were not used as protection only, but rather as a form of identity. Every tribe started to have their distinctive way of dressing in order to separate themselves from the other clans.

Ancient Egypt is an excellent example of how things further evolved, the Pharaohs would wear lion or leopard skins as a sign of the status that they had, while the citizens would wear clothes that were much simpler and made from different materials. The division had already started before the current era, and it was normal that the ruling class would pick the most elegant clothes. Moving on to the Roman Empire were the Emperors would always have clothes that only they could wear, and the same was about Senators and people that had wealth and power, in other words, you could learn their social status by their clothes.

Silk Road connected the West and East since 2nd century BCE, and that has had a significant impact in the way we dress since it made the trading of good from Europe to Asia and vice versa possible. That meant that new materials could be traded and that brought innovation to the way people would dress. In the Byzantine Empire’s case, you could see that way fashion had evolved since the Tunica had replaced the famous Roman Toga.

Medieval Europe saw many changes gradually, and that was mostly due to the wars that ravaged the continent and the clothing remained rather simple up until the high middle ages were in the 12th and 13th century the overall quality of the wool and dye improve. Crusaders ravaged the Middle-East, but when they came back to Europe, they brought knowledge of fine textiles. However, the real “fashion” started to emerge in Europe in the 14th century, according to many historians, straight seams and draped garments were replaced by curved seams. When you include the beginning of tailoring that allowed for clothes to fit the human form more closely, and another major thing was the use of buttons and lacing.

As the centuries passed, things started to change slowly, and the pants and shirts that they wore started to resemble more and more the ones that we wear now. In the 18th century, another distinction was made, where the clothes that were worn at Court were different than the everyday clothes. As time passed, there were fewer occasions that required a full dress at the Court, and by the end of the 18th century, they had disappeared completely.

Things changed drastically during the industrial revolution since production changed completely, and everything was produced in mass. In the 20th century, almost everything became available for the average citizen, and more comfortable and stylish clothes started to become the norm. Every decade since the 1920’s up to this day has had a distinctive sense of fashion. We have witnessed how people have started to pay more and more attention to the clothes that we wear and the way that we present ourselves. You can say that a fashion revolution happened during the 20th century, while the economic boom helped it a lot, it was also the invention of the television that gave people new ideas as to what to wear and when to wear it. This was the cause of the new industries that are now worth billions and billions of dollars. The fashion industry is approximately worth $2.4 trillion, yes you read that correctly, and it has been going through a steady increase every year, and with the economic development of many African and Asian countries, it is hard to predict how big the market will be.

History of Fashion

While humans have been wearing clothes for thousands of years now, they have only started to care about fashion in the 14th century. Looking back at that time we see that some quite ridiculous clothes were considered to be beautiful, and it took us five more centuries to get the grasp of creating clothes that are more stylish and comfortable at the same time. It all started in the 19th century, in Paris, France. Charles Frederick Worth had started sewing into the garments that he produced his label. There is a reason why Paris is considered to be the fashion capital city of the fashion world. The first fashion shows were held there at the beginning of the 20th century.

After the end of the First World War, fashion design had another revolution; corsets were dropped in favor of dresses above-the-knee. The Great Depression had a significant effect on the fashion industry, and that forced the designers in a way to change the way that women dressed, from the more flamboyant way of dressing, silhouettes restored the waistlines, and the dresses were almost ankle-length now. After the Second World War, Paris was not the only center of fashion, and the ’50s and ’60s brought on completely different styles.

Now that we are in the 21st century, we can see that fashion has come a very long way, and it is something that keeps on continually evolving. We are lucky to be living in times where there is so much variety in how people dress. The stigma of men and women having to wear certain clothes is slowly changing, and you can see that celebrities all over the world experiment with new looks every day. While some celebrities try new flashy outfits almost every day to attract attention, unfortunately, they end up looking like clowns, but on the other hand, you have plenty of celebs that have changed fashion by deciding to break barriers. Here is a list of fashionable celebrities you probably haven’t heard of:

1. Kelly Rizzo

Bob Saget’s wife is known for her hosting and modeling all over America. While her fame increased even more when she married Saget, she managed to pave her way by having a very successful blog and also hosting TV shows for more than a decade now. It is worth noting that she has a knack for fashion, and everywhere that you see her, be that a TV show, or some picture taken with her husband, she looks stunning. Despite being forty years old, she has the body of a twenty years old, and her style is impeccable, the combination of chic and rock clothes, make her look like a trailblazer in fashion sense and style.

2. Leeanna Vamp

Also Known as the “Vampiress of our time” she has gained plenty of fame by playing roles in movies and shows like Best Friends Forever, Pool Party Massacre, Con Man, etc. she has an incredible online following, with around 378k followers on Instagram. While many of them follow her due to her acting career, there are also some that like her sense of fashion. Most of the pictures that she takes herself, she likes to dress in black, but she does so in a very stylish way, the combinations that she manages to pull off, make her look like the ultimate goth chick that you would fall in love with, in an instant.

3. Melanie Scrofano

The Canadian actress is known for playing the role of Rebecca on Being Erica and also October on Pure Pwnage. However, her most notable role is that of Wynonna Earp in the series with the same name. She is known for being a woman of class, always looking stunning on every event that she attends. However, her style can not be confined by serious dresses, since she can wear pretty much everything and still find a way to make it look great. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her doing silly things and at the same time wearing great clothes, or her attending different events and wearing stunning dresses that would make every woman with a slither of fashion sense jealous.

4. Jamie Clayton

Known as the fierce political blogger in the Sense8 series, Jamie Clayton is a fearless woman that never backed down from a challenge. As a 19-year-old, she moved to New York to follow her dream, which was becoming a make-up artist. She managed to get a gig in 2010 as a make-up artist and co-host for VH1’s TRANSform me, a makeover show. Just a year later, she managed to get her first acting role, and from there, her career took off. Her sense of style has always impressed people all over the world because she knew how to look fabulous even if she was wearing a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt because the combination of colors that she managed to pull off was too good.

5. Kristina Pimenova

Women Daily called her the most beautiful girl in the world when she was just nine years old, and she is growing up to be a jack of all trades with the guidance of her parents. While as a model she has a very bright future ahead of her, she has also excelled in rhythmic gymnastics and only time will tell where will she focus in her future. When it comes to fashion sense, you can say that since she is a model, she is told what to wear most of the time, but if you check her social media, you will see that even in her free time she dresses impeccably. Her sense of style manages, and the fact that she already has a ton of experience in modeling will guarantee a very bright future for her.

6. Jenny Taft

The sports commentator, host, sideline reporter, is someone that knows more about sports than many men out there. She grew up watching sport since her dad is John Taft, who played ice hockey professionally. While she was never a professional athlete herself, she always surrounded with sports, and coincidentally married Matt Gilroy, an ice hockey player. Looking at her on tv or her social media pages, you would think that she is a model or has something to do with the fashion industry, rather than a sports journalist. When she is reporting, she always wears elegant dresses, while in her private life, you can see her wear more colorful clothes that still as classy and yet modern at the same time.

7. Molly Rosenblatt

This beauty tells us about the weather that we are going to have and we can’t complain about a simple thing. However, she is not only a pretty face since she has a degree in journalism that she received from the University of Minnesota. Since graduating in 2005, she worked as an editor and reporter, and she even acted in a couple of movies. She is a very outgoing person, and you can see her traveling to different places. It is impressive how she manages to look beautiful even by wearing casual clothes, and not to forget that she always looks professional and elegant when she is working.

8. Lori Harvey

Being the stepdaughter of the famous Steve Harvey can’t be easy since a lot of pressure comes with that fame. However, Lori Harvey managed to make the best out of it by becoming a very successful model and an equestrian. The American model has shattered many stereotypes that models need to be tall in order to succeed; she has managed to shine in some of the most famous fashion shows despite being only 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Her sense of fashion may come as a result of her being a famous model, but even in her personal life, she always manages to look stunning.

9. Levy Tran

The tattooed goddess has paved her way to stardom through acting, mostly known as Desi Nguyen in Macgyver. However, she also has a degree in Child and Adolescent Development, and she did not enter the entertainment industry until she was 28. Her tattoos made her famous initially as she was able to model for tattoo magazines, and only later, she started hosting Guy’s Code on MTV and then acting. Her style is quite simple, but at the same time, she looks quite chic, while the tattoos that she has only complement whatever she is wearing. The tattooed bombshell can wear almost anything and still make it look good.

10. Molly Ephraim

Every fan of Last Man Standing will know who I am talking about since Molly Ephraim portrayed the role of Mandy Baxter to perfection. She is an artist through and through, she took the time to perfect her craft, and even has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, that she received from Princeton University. Looking at her career, you can see that she managed to showcase her talent in a very short period and become enormously loved by everyone. When it comes to fashion, you will see that she is not your average thirty-something-year-old, because she can both look classy and she can totally rock clothes that a twenty-year-old could, if you want to be fascinated by her style, check her social media.

Smart Clothes

In the beginning, clothes were either used to show social status or to survive the extreme weather, and that lasted for thousands of years. To be more exact, only the recent inventions have allowed us to incorporate technology into our clothes. The best part about this is that soon enough we will get to see plenty of other inventions in the things we wear every day and at the same time they will also look pretty fashionable.

1. Heated Gloves

Having to deal with harsh winters is terrible because your hands stay cold almost all the time and up to very recently we had to use regular gloves to at least keep our hands a bit warmer. However, the invention of heated gloves made everything better for people living in countries where it is cold. With the help of batteries, they can last for hours on end, and they will keep your entire palm warm, and they don’t look any different than any regular gloves.

2. Heated Scarves

Another vital part of our body that continually gets cold is the neck, while the regular scarves might do the trick, sometimes it’s that cold that we need an upgrade. There are different heating methods that can heat a scarf. The first one is with batteries, and just like the heated gloves, it’s very efficient. The second one is by heating it in a microwave for only a couple of minutes, and then you are good to go. The third option is very interesting since all you have to do is to shake off the pouch, that will immediately start a chemical reaction that will cause the surrounding area to warm.

3. Smartwatches

For centuries we have kept watches with us so that they will help us to know what time it is, and that was their only function, up until the invention of smartphones. At a certain point, smartphones nearly rendered watches useless, or they were kept only for aesthetic purposes. However, with the invention of smartwatches, people have started to buy them in droves since they can be compatible with our smartphones. You can synchronize it with your smartphone, and all the essential notifications that come in your smartphone will also come to your smartwatch. The best part of the smartwatches is that they can also be powered by the sun.

4. Solar Watches

If you’re not a fan of digital watches and would rather prefer analog watches, it’s understandable that you will not want to have a smartwatch. For that reason, solar watches will do the trick just fine since they will not need to be charged for up to 6 months. While smartwatches may offer more features, solar watches will give you a more classy look, and you do not have to spend money on batteries at all.

Talking about the importance of clothes, we have to understand that there are many industries directly connected. Fashion, technology, sports, movies, and many other industries are directly tied to how the clothing industry develops. Fashion and technology are becoming interlinked, and there are many products out there that we already have on the market, and in the near future, we will be witnessing other products that might be life-changing. In team sports, the importance of the colors of the uniforms is always important. After all, there are millions and millions of fans buying new jerseys of their favorite NBA or NFL players. Every famous team sports team change their jerseys yearly, and that is to profit more because fans will want to buy everything new. Famous athletes get tens of million-dollar deals to sign with brands like Nike or Adidas because they know how many shoes, shirts, hoodies, jerseys, etc. they will sell if a famous athlete will sign with their company. According to Forbes, Michael Jordan was worth more than a billion dollars, and most of that money is earned through the contract that he has with Nike. It’s worth noting that the revenue per year, that Nike makes off the Jordan brand is $2 billion.

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